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TelnetPhone requires High Speed Internet


A Vancouver company with live technical support.
On-site phone line installation is available for your convenience.

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$39.95 Basic TelnetPhone + ADSL

Unlimited local calls and High Speed Internet Access

$49.95 Full Feature TelnetPhone + ADSL

Free use of VoIP adapter and ADSL Modem

$43.95 Enhance TelnetPhone + ADSL

Unlimited local calls and High Speed Internet Access

TelnetPhone 1 Local Line

Only $15.95/month with $79 phone adapter purchase


Month, Activation, Caller ID, Voice Mail, Call Forward, Busy Forward, Network Unavailable Forward, Call Waiting, 3 Way Calling, 911 Enabled, Calls to any TelnetPhone subscriber anytime, anywhere in the world, Unlimited Local Calls, Vancouver phone number, Phone Technical Support

2 line phone adapter

TelnetPhone 1 Local Line

Only $18.95/month
$15 phone adapter shipping
FREE use of phone adapter

TelnetPhone 2 Local Lines

Only $29.95/month with $79 phone adapter purchase

TelnetPhone 2 Local Lines

Only $37.90/month
$15 phone adapter shipping
FREE use of phone adapter

TelnetPhone VoIP Phone Line Service

Congratulations! You have just discovered the most advanced VoIP service on the market today. TelnetPhone harnesses the power of the Internet to offer you low cost state-of-the-art phone line services. To setup your account please SIGN UP and follow the directions provided. Once you have activated your account you will be able to immediately use your new TelnetPhone service and start saving on both your monthly and long distance phone bills.

The TelnetPhone adapter provides you with one or two local phone lines. You may use your TelnetPhone to make unlimited local calls free of charge. Low cost long distance service is also enabled so that you can talk with your family and friends all over the world. And that is only the beginning! Some of the other great features include call display, call waiting, voice mail and more. With the “call forward” feature you can even set your TelnetPhone adapter to forward all your calls to your cell phone or any other phone when you are on the go. Imagine a telephone system smart enough to follow you wherever you go! In today’s hectic world, TelnetPhone can make your life so much easier!

While traveling, you can take the TelnetPhone PAP2 adapter anywhere in the world. Simply plug your adapter into any highspeed connection - even in a hotel room – and you can make FREE calls back to Vancouver. Anyone calling on your TelnetPhone telephone number won’t even know that you’re not in Vancouver! You will finally be free of your office and continue to benefit from the lowest long-distance rates anywhere.

How does it work? Simply plug your TelnetPhone 2-line adapter into any high-speed Internet connection. Plug a regular home phone into the telephone adapter and you’re ready to call. If you’ve subscribed to our two-line package you can plug in a second telephone into the same adapter and use both phones at the same time.

We provide you all the features at no extra charge:

Voice Mail, Call Forward Unconditional, Call Forward Busy/Unavailable, Do Not Disturb, Read number of last caller

Call waiting (global), Call waiting (per call), Call Waiting, 3-Way calling, Read your DID, Read your virtual DID

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