Right now, AEBC is launching TelnetPhone, a service that harnesses the power of the Internet to create low cost phone lines to serve the Vancouver market. TelnetPhone lines cost about one-half to one-third of the cost of traditional phone line services. There are millions of high-speed Internet users and every one of these users can benefit from our service. In fact, anyone with high-speed Internet can use the TelnetPhone service minutes after they leave your store.

We have specially designed 2 programs to reward you for our promotion of TelnetPhone. You can take advantage of both the Immediate and Continuous Profit programs below.


Immediate Profit Program: Reseller Program gives you an instant profit: The opportunity is great and we would like to invite you to be our Cisco Linksys TelnetPhone adapter reseller. You make an instant profit when you sell the adapter. You will NOT have to deal with any customer support issues as AEBC has friendly and knowledgeable staff to take on this important role. AEBC guarantees that these TelnetPhone adapters will sell. If for any reason you are not able to sell the adapter, AEBC will purchase it back from you!
Continuous Profit Program: Active Value Added Resellers Program gives you a continuous stream of profit: If you are able to promote TelnetPhone and help customer sign up and activate their accounts online then we will offer you a bonus, paid monthly for each active user for the life of that user.